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Most Recent Media Reviews & Interviews:

2016 Sep 26

"Why Our Brains Ignore Climate Change - and What to Do About It "


2016 Sep 04



2016 Feb 27

“Blog by Jane Sanders”


2016 Feb 23

“Using New Economic”


2016 Feb 16

“Can positive thinking be the key to our big CO2 fix?"


2015 Dec 15

By Arnold Schwarzenegger and Per Espen Stoknes


2015 Jul 9

Yale 360 Interview by Richard Schiffman:

"How Can We Make People Care About Climate Change?"


2015 Jul 8

NRK EKKO Radio interview (Norwegian):



2015 Jun 9

Interview by Bill Kilby, in VICE:

“A Psychologist Explains Why People Don’t Give a Shit About Climate Change”

2015 May 18

Blogpost on PsychologyToday:

“The Great Grief: How To Cope with Losing Our World”


2015 May 12

Commonwealth Club in SanFrancisco - with video excerpts,

“Climate Cognition”

 2015 Aug 21,

BillMoyers, R. Schiffman: How Do We Get People to Care About Climate Change?


2015 Aug 12

Fast Company, Adele Peters, 5 Ways To Convince People To Actually Do Something About Climate Change


2015, Aug 5

NESEA, by Robert Leaver, Book Review


2015 Aug 2

Financial Times: Green Lessons from Gay Marriage


2015 Jul 31

Pacifica Graduate, Lecture: Re-Imagining Climate as the Living Air


2015 Jul 22

The ClimateGroup, by John Barrow: Social Networks are Key for Spurring Climate Actions


2015 Jun 24, RealChange, by Tom Watson: Climate Disruption - Book Review


2015 May 20, by Kathleen Stephenson, Radio Interview


2015 May 14

CommonDreams: The Great Grief - How to Cope with Losing our World


2015 May 4,

The Joe Show: Radio Interview



2015 May 11

The Radio Ecoshock interview with Per Espen Stoknes

“How to Avoid Thinking About Climate Change” (On 87 non-profit radio stations)


2015 May 10

Article in

“Wondering how to get people to go green? Tell them that’s what their neighbors are doing”

2015 May 08

Transition US Web-seminar on Youtube,

“What We Think About Global Warming”


2015 May 07

Presentation at Seattle Town Hall,

“How (Not) To Build Support for Climate Policy”

2015 May 01

Webcast interview with Virtuallyspeaking, Jay Ackroyd blogtalkradio,

“Per Stoknes: What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming”


2015 Apr 23

Panel presentation at Woodrow Wilson Inst:

“Nudging Our Way towards Energy Efficiency: Psychology, Behavior and the Environment”

2015 Apr 23

Webcast interview in Writer’s voice by Francesca Rheannon:

“What We Think About…”

2015 Apr 21

Presentation at CRED, Columbia University,

"If Global Warming is So Urgent, Why is There So Little Action?"

2015 Apr 06

Blogpost on PsychologyToday:

“The Coming Climate Disruptions: Are You Hopeful?”

2015 Apr 03

Article in BoingBoing:

“The 5 psychological barriers to climate action”

How (Not) to Build Support for Climate Policy


The USC Schwarzenegger Institute and the USC Environmental Student Assembly host author and organizational psychologist Per Espen Stoknes, PhD, who discusses his book: What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming.

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New Book

What We Think About When We Try Not To Think About Global Warming


What kind of prospects await the power industry in the coming years?






Per Espen Stoknes, a psychologist with PhD in economics, co-chairs the Center for Climate Strategy at the Norwegian Business School. He also spearheads the Business school’s Master of Management program Green Growth, and consults widely. A serial entrepreneur, including co-founding clean-tech company GasPlas, he’s also written several books.


Phone Number: +47 915 95 161

Email: per.espen(at)




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