The 11 of May we successfully colored BI green! Including the streaming well over 400 people joined us and the important issue of green innovations. Norway’s crown prince graced us with his presence and we enjoyed presentations by Carlota Perez, Paul Hawken, Arild Vatn and many more. You can access the presentations here.

Per Espen on Vox

The biggest problem for the climate change fight isn’t technology – it’s human psychology. When Per Espen Stoknes looked at polls going back to 1989 assessing the level of public concern about climate change in 39 different countries, he found a surprising pattern in the data.

“Incredibly enough, it shows that the more certain the science becomes, the less concern we find in richer Western democracies,” he said. “How can it be that with increasing level of urgency and certainty in the science, people get less concerned?”

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