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Digital Thinking Network


Scenario planning, strategic transformation processes, innovative learning and early warning systems to support strategic decision-making.


The Alliance for Wild Ethics


The Alliance for Wild Ethics (AWE) is a consortium of individuals and organizations working to ease the spreading devastation of the animate earth through a rapid transformation of culture. We employ the arts, often in tandem with the natural sciences, to provoke deeply felt shifts in the human experience of nature.


Norwegian Institute of Art- and Expression therapy.


NIKUT offers introductury and senior courses in art therapy alone and in collaboration with Buskerud College.


BI Center for Climate Strategy


Climate Strategies is a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-class, independent policy and economic research input to European and international climate policy.




Per Espen Stoknes, a psychologist with PhD in economics, co-chairs the Center for Climate Strategy at the Norwegian Business School. He also spearheads the Business school’s Master of Management program Green Growth, and consults widely. A serial entrepreneur, including co-founding clean-tech company GasPlas, he’s also written several books.


Phone Number: +47 915 95 161

Email: per.espen(at)




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