After an intensive week in New York it is time for some reflections. The first word that comes to mind is intense; with an audience of 1200 in the great  Town Hall of New York by Times Square one could feel the pressure. The pressure was not eased by 6 cameras, video and sound crew of  30-40 people and 3 trucks with extra supplies outside. Further, TED-funder Chris Anderson was on first row, the presence of top global leaders and bestselling authors as both fellow presenters and part of the audience. All of the above gave this humble Sundmøring a good dose of anticipation anxiety. Together with jetlag and little rest the night beforehand I was extremely nervous when entering the stage; would I manage to connect with the audience?

Every word in my presentation was rehearsed, timed and perfected, but what if my memory would fail me? Or if something would happen outside my control that would put me off my flow. Luckily everything went well and I’ve had good feedback after, but it is first when the video comes out one will really know if it worked well. I will post the video as soon as it is out and hope you will like it and share it. A warm thank you to Anne Solgaard for excellent coaching and Svein Kjøde for help and design on the slides, and to everyone that has contributed with advice and feedback.