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  • interdisciplinary team-focused entrepreneur with a heart for ecology and nature
  • psychologist with a degree in philosophy and a PhD in Economic theory.
  • co-director at the BI Center for Climate strategy, Norwegian Business School.
  • co-founder of 3 companies (green technology and foresight consulting
  • co-founder of 3 master of management programs (foresight, green growth, teams)
  • highly rated teacher, consultant and lecturer
  • experienced interdisciplinary research project leader and manager

I) Academic background and areas of expertise

2006-2010 Dr.Philos on “Economic metaphors”, Univ of Oslo, BI-Center Climate strategy

1990-94 Cand.Psychol (6ys) clinical and organisational psychologist, Univ of Oslo

1993 Studies at C.G. Jung-Institut, Zürich, Switzerland

1989 Philosophy of science, Univ. of Oslo (2-semester study)

1988 Exam philosophicum and Foundations of Psychology, UiO (3 semesters)

Expertise within Economics and Strategy:

  • Economic theory: History of economics, theory-constituting metaphors of economics, behavioural economics
  • Strategic Scenarios: external analysis, risk assessment, decision making processes under risk, process design, facilitation, business development, strategy formulation and implementation
  • Organisational theory: communication, organisational learning, knowledge management, change management.

Expertise within Psychology

  • Organisational psychology: creativity, imagination, team-processes, power, executive teams, organisational culture, conflicts, roles, self-destructiveness in teams.
  • Clinical psychology. Self-concepts, systemic theories, post-Jungian psychology, existential therapy, dreams, expressive arts, group therapy.
  • Ecopsychology: narratives, myths, the human – nature relation in a cultural perspective, psychological analysis of environmental issues.

Expertise within Philosophy:

  • Philosophy of science: Critical rationalism, hermeneutics, constructivism, metaphor
  • Phenomenology: Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty
  • Epistemology: Ricoeur, Kant, Nietzsche, Jung, Næss

Expertise within the Arts and communication:

Literature: theories of literature, narratives, poetry, storytelling,
Music: piano, jazz, composition, improvisation, arrangement, synthesizers, flute, drums & percussion
Theory of arts: aesthetics, imagination, metaphors.

II) Select professional experience & boards

Teaching: Currently employed at BI – Norwegian Business School, as researcher and senior lecturer at Center for Climate Strategy. I arrange annual “BI-Climate psychology seminars”.

Have since 1999 developed, led and been academically responsible for three Master of Management programs at BI – Executive education:

  • (2000-2006): Team management and Executive teams,
  • (2000-2011): Scenarios & strategy
  • (2013-) Green growth and green economics.

Awarded the prize “Lecturer of the year 2000-2001 at BI-Executive”. Consistent high scores.

2002-2008 Main teacher and leader for the 2yr Expressive Arts Coaching program, at NIKUT, Norwegian Institute for the Expressive Arts and Communcation, Oslo.

Research project leader experience:

I have been the project leader for these publicly funded research & innovation projects:

  • 2010-2013 GasPlas AS: 10 mNOK innovation grant from NRC “Gassmaks” research program, title: “Microwave cold plasma cracking of natural gas to valuable carbon products”, with 10-15 researchers involved (from SINTEF; UEA, Norner, Cambridge). Successfully completed with new carbon products (graphene and carbon nanotubes from natural gas), and 4 patents (pending).
  • 2010-2012 GasPlas AS: a 9 mNOK grant from “Transnova” for developing a pilot zero-emission on-demand decentralised hydrogen plasma reactor. Result: Pilot completed on time, but performance of integrated carbon filter was not robust, so more development needed before commercialisation. Technical due diligence and evaluation by DNV and Bayerngas. 2 patent applications (pending)
    2011-2014 MetalPlas AS with Alcoa and Bayerngas: a 7mNOK grant from NRC “BIA”-program for developing plasma carbon additives to improve aluminium anodes. Approx 8 interdisciplinary researchers involved. Ongoing. 2 patent applications (not submitted)
  • 2011-2012 GasPlas AS: a 1.5 mNOK grant from Gassnova for evaluating the GasPlas plasma route to low-emission power generation. Result: technically, but not commercially, viable.

Consulting: I’ve done Project management and facilitation in these select strategy projects:

(2013) Baker Hughes International: Latin America Energy strategy

(2011-2012) Baker Hughes International: 100 Top management talent summit

(2010) SFT: Klimakur 2020 – responsible for the scenarios in the report

(2008-2009): Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Scenarios for Norwegian Continental Shelf towards 2030.

(2008-2009): Statkraft corporate strategy: “Growth in EU markets towards 2030”

(2008) Sintef IKT: Competency and Technology Plattform towards 2015.

(2008) Norges Forskningsråd: Matprogrammet – strategi og foresight for Arena

(2007-2008) Sanoma WSOY: The Future of Learning in Preparation for Life 2020

(2007) InnovasjonNorge, Arena-programmet: Foresightverktøy for næringsklynger

(2007)NHO / BI: Fremtidsbilder 2030: Til NHOs årskonferanse 4.jan. 2007

(2007) Multiclientprosjekt: Apotekforeningen, Pfizer, GSK, Alliance-Unicem, mfll: Future for health services in drug retailing.

(2007) TNT Global, corporate strategy project “Vision 2020”, in Istanbul, Jan.2007.

(2006) Multiclientproject CiNum: Future of Digital Civilization for EU &

(2005-06) Statistics Norway: Future of statistics in Norway towards 2016

(2006) Schlumberger, Paris HQ; ”The Future of Learning”, facilitation for HR exec

(2005) PetroVietnam, Hanoi HQ: Future of Energy in South-East Asia 2020

(2005) Ministry of Environment: Management plan for Barents Sea 2020

(2005) Cappelen Holding AS: Forestry towards 2025

(2004-05) Norsk Apotekerforening – The future of pharmacies to 2015

(2004) Telenor Nordic Mobile: What is the next game in telecoms? 2005-2009

(2004) KongsbergGruppen: Futures scenarios to 2020 and corporate strategy

(2003) Ministry of industry: The Future of internal organisation

(2003) Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: Health, Safety and environment to 2013

(2002) University of Oslo: Institute of Physics, Future organisation and strategy for physics in Norway

(2002) Norwegian Petroleum Directorate – Future players on Norw. Continental shelf towards 2012

(1999) ECON: Horisont 21

(1998) Minsitry of oil and energy: Govermental commission on the Future of Power and Energy to 2020 – OED, NOU1998:11; grunnlag for norsk energipolitikk.

Corporate Management:

  • CEO of GasPlas AS from 2009-2011, a innovative green technology start-up.
  • CEO of Foresight Norge AS 2007-2009, a consulting company

Select Board Positions

2008-2013 Chair of GasPlas AS, now 2013 board member / Director
2010- Chair of MetalPlas AS, a startup for innovative carbon materials for metal production.
2012- Director of NIKUT, Norwegian Institute for the Expressive Arts and Communic., Oslo.
2007-2010 Foresight Norge AS: Founding partner and Chair (foresight consulting)
2004-2012 Director of Stiftelsen Flux (a research and publication foundation)

III) Select Publications
(3 books and a number of papers)

Stoknes, P.E. (1990) “Om virkelighet og rasjonalitet i psykologi”, Impuls, 2-1990, Univ. i Oslo.

Stoknes, P.E. (1990) “Levende symboler”, Impuls 3-1990, Univ i Oslo

Stoknes, P.E. (1991) “Blinde flekker og maktforhold i terapirelasjonen”, Impuls 1, vol 45, Univ i Oslo

Stoknes, P.E: (1992) “What is Myer-Briggs Type-Indicator?” in D. Sharp Jungs Typologi, Oslo: Forlaget Paul Moxnes

Stoknes, P.E. (1992) ” Naturopplevelse og personlighet”, i rapport fra seminar utgitt av Naturvernforbundet i Oslo og Akershus.

Stoknes, P.E. (1993) “Furua, Kjøleskapet og meg” Impuls 1, vol 47, Univ i Oslo

Stoknes, P.E. og Hillman James (1993) “Hvalfangst, teknologi og psykologisk aktivisme” Impuls 2, vol 47, Univ i Oslo

Stoknes, P.E. (1994) Økopsykologi: fra et intrapsykisk til et økologisk Selv, Master thesis Inst of Psychol, UiO

Stoknes, P.E. (1996) Sjelens Landskap, refleksjoner over natur og myter, Cappelen Fakta, Oslo.

Stoknes, P.E. (1999) ”Naturopplevelse og det økologiske Selv”, Mestre fjellet. nr 44

Stoknes, P.E. (2002) Forord til norsk utgave av Franz, Marie-Louise von (2002) Den evige yngling Puer Aeturnus. Oslo: Pax Forlag.

Stoknes, P.E. (2002) “Scenarielæring: – hvordan gjøre det å være ‘fremtidsrettet’ om fra en floskel til levd praksis”, kap. i , Lederens Håndbok 2002, Egmont Fortuna Forlag

Stoknes, P.E. (2002) ”For en psykologi for og med sjel”. Impuls 1, vol 56, Univ. i Oslo.

Stoknes, P.E. og Hermansen, F. red. (2004) Lær av Fremtiden – Norske organisasjoners erfaringer med scenariedrevet strategi, Oslo: Gyldendal Akademisk

Stoknes, P.E. (2007) Penger og Sjel – En ny balanse mellom finans og følelser, Oslo: Flux forlag

Stoknes, P.E. (2008) ”The Remembering of the Air”, i POIESIS: A Journal of the Arts & Communication, Vol X, 2008.

Stoknes, P.E. (2008b), ”Scenarios in coaching”, kap 10, i Ødegaard og Meyer, red., Estetisk Veiledning, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget

Stoknes, P.E. (2009) Money and Soul – The psychology of Money and the transformation of Capitalism, London: Green Books.

Stoknes, P.E. (2009b) ”Sosialt entreprenørskap og sosial kapital”, in Sosialt Entreprenørskap på norsk, red Schei og Rønnevik, 2009., Oslo

Stoknes, P.E: (2010) Economic metaphors, “En flerfaglig vitenskapsstudie av økonomiske metaforers implikasjoner på klimapolitikk” PhD, Univ of Oslo, Faculty of Social Sciences

Greaker, M, PE Stoknes, KH Alfsen and T Ericson (2013) “A Kantian approach to sustainable development indicators for climate change”, Ecological Economics Jul2013, Vol. 91, p10-18. 9p.